DATE: Oct. 7 (Sat.)
PLACE: Osaka Museum of History 4th fl. Rm. 1

What is Music for SDGs?

Music for SDGs is a project, founded by Mack Okubo, aiming to provide opportunities for general public to deepen understanding of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in an easier and enjoyable way through entertainment such as music events, art, fashion shows, and movies, integrating entertainment and education under the slogan of "No one will be left behind." The project is reported to the UN and the Japanese Government and aims to support UN events as well as 2025 Expo Osaka, Kansai, Japan among others.

Presentation with Live Performance

Presenter: Mack Okubo (Executive Director, Music for SDGs, based in London) will make a presentation on the various global initiatives toward building a sustainable future, and the power of music, art and entertainment combined with digital innovations, which could revolutionize education. Mack is a multilingual and globally well-known policy advisor, who is actively promoting SDGs in collaboration with United Nations, OECD, and APEC. He is also known as multi-talented entertainer and has launched Music for SDGs Project (including Fashion4SDGs and Cinema4SDGs). He produces SDGs awareness events inviting talented artists who share the same goals. He will share recent and upcoming activities via photos and videos of the Music for SDGs around the globe, including the OECD, the United Nations, Cannes International Film Festival, Heiwa Matsuri, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Digital Art 4 Climate, Humming for Peace, and COP28. Also sharing some of their amazing plans for the 2025 Expo Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

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Live Performance

Performer: Ayako (Jazz vocal, singer songwriter and model influencer, based in Osaka) will join us to perform a live music with her band, as well as a mini fashion show, corresponding to the topic of Mack's presentation. Ayako is a core member of the Music for SDGs, mainly covering love & peace topics. In 2019, she released "Ayako First Album 'A' ." Her original song "O-ha-yo-o" was selected as the morning theme song of TV Osaka. She was recently awarded Grand Prix at Mrs. Kansai Collection 2023 (Kansai area/age group).

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