DATE: Oct. 7(Sat.)
PLACE: Osaka Museum of History 4th fl. Rm. 1
TIME: Pt. 1 @ 11:00 / Pt. 2 @ 13:00

MONI LASHES (Australia)

The fundamentals of hard rock drumming & showmanship

1- Introduction, band introduction, 24 hr. Drumming World Record
2- Hard rock genre and key points of drumming: • stamina • technique • discipline
3- Importance of showmanship
4- Demonstration of specific techniques

D'Addario Product Showcase


"Music is the Bridge" - Drumming skills & coordination

1- Introduction about his music career and background
2- Hi-Hat techniques
3- Developing good four-way coordination
4- Open jam session

Moni Lashes

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Moni Lashes is the drummer and song writer for the hard rock band, The Babes. They have been featured on MTV, toured Australia, the USA, Japan, and performed in Iraq for the soldiers.
Moni set an Official World Record, becoming the first human to ever drum non-stop for 24 hours without a single break. The Hard Rock Cafe Osaka named a drink after her achievement, the "Moni Lashes Mean Margarita."
Moni is signed with Pearl Drums and works with Evans Drumheads - Japan. When not on tour with the band, she is a drum tutor and conducts drum clinics worldwide. Moni has been featured in Drummer Magazine, TomTom Magazine, TV & Drumscene Magazine, and has won a number of awards including “Best Rock Drummer” and “Australia’s Drummer of Tomorrow- Public choice”.

Lawson Jr'Music

Lawson Jr' Music is a genius drummer and singer-songwriter with gospel roots. He started his music career at an early age, later playing in a gospel group in the US at the age of seven. He has appeared on big stages such as “Festival de Jazz de Montréal” and “Ted Summit.”
He released a single titled "Let It Go" in September 2022 in Japan, followed by live performances at several venues, including a drum clinic at the Musicland Key store in Shibuya. (see video clips)