What is Blue Guitar Project?

Blue Guitar Project is a nonprofit with a global vision - empowering underprivileged youth to pursue their music dreams through cool dream experiences and music education. Every child, regardless of their background, deserves the right to dream. To coincide with this mission, music artists from around the world will participate in our 'Blue Guitar Pass' social media campaign leading up to our Reimagine Your World music experience for youth.
Through this campaign, artists will share messages of inspiration to the youth, spreading love, hope, and boundless possibilities, as they pass the blue guitar from one artist to another. The Blue Guitar embodies the magic of possibility, echoes the voice of humanity, and symbolizes unity, equality, freedom, and justice, for our youth’s dreams to come true.

Take a picture holding the Blue Guitar

This Blue Guitar travels around the world being photographed, held and played by everyone from beginners to world famous stars, and now you can too!
As a great opportunity to show support for disadvantaged youth, everyone is invited to come take a picture or video holding the guitar, and put on social media.
Join the Blue Guitar Project!