What is KMC?

KMC . . .

・ brings together musicians from all over the world
・ features a wide range of music from traditional to cutting edge
・is the only independently run, globally oriented music conference in Japan
・ sponsors seminars and workshops about music and the music industry
・ has created many success stories with the theme of "Building Bridges With Music"

Bridging Cultures

"KMC was the first step for me to be an international artist. ...sharing music with many musicians from various countries, I think we could feel the ‘Building Bridges with Music’ theme."
- Blackuro (Osaka), KMC 2012 & 2013

"I’ve met more people from around the world at KMC than I have anywhere else in my life."
- Dale Campbell (UK), KMC 2009-2011

"It was truly amazing. We truly made lasting friendships as well as connections with other musicians." - Robot Bomb Shelter (US), KMC 2010 & 2011

"It was a wonderful experience to see so many people from different cultures joining our African workshop." –Olethabwekos (Kenya), KMC 2011

"I know I will continue to reap the benefits of playing in Japan for time to come! It was a truly rewarding experience through and through!" - Norine Braun (Canada), KMC 2009