An Indispensable Resource

Over the years, KMC staff and related artists have been explaining and presenting about their experience in the Japanese music scene in writing as well as in audio and video formats.
To help artists better understand and better prepare themselves for the challenges they may encounter here in Japan, KMC has compiled all of this content into a continuing series called, "Performing in Japan."

1) Booking & Preparation

This webinar focuses on the following areas of touring in Japan; booking, networking, preparation and promotion. Since the Japanese music scene is quite different from music scenes in western countries, it's essential to take a different approach to marketing one's image and music to Japanese music fans.

2) Touring & Networking

This webinar focuses on different types of venues and events, and also sheds some light on the importance of relationships and learning Japanese phrases.
The areas covered are:
- Live houses (live clubs)
- Booking a DIY tour
- Local festivals, charity events & fundraisers
- Open mics
- Renting out a venue
- Bars/cafes/music bars
- Contests/other events
- Busking

3) Panel Discussion: "Cultural Differences"

In an effort to raise awareness of SDGs, this panel, moderated by KMC Executive Director, Duane Levi, will feature Moni Lashes, Eki'Shola and Michelle Rounds, 3 women who have performed in Japan. They will highlight the cultural differences that they view as important by sharing their experiences with Japanese musicians and music fans.
Main differences, culture shock, advice for first-timers and do's & don'ts are all discussed.

4) Online Discussion: "The Latin Influence"

Participants discuss about the Japanese music scene from their own experiences as performers of Latin Music.
Topics covered are:
- Latin Music in Japan
- Marketing and getting exposure
- Collaborating with Latin artists and Japanese artists
- Support for Latin artists performing in Japan

5) The Importance of Blogs, Books & Beyond

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about how music promotion is and isn't done in Japan, with many overseas artists thinking that the Japanese music scene is similar to their own.
This session provides information about how to do effective promotion as well as answers to some basic questions.

6) Post-Pandemic

How was the live club scene in Japan affected by the pandemic? Since 2020 many venues have either closed, changed ownership or now do hybrid style shows.
This session explains how the indie live music scene has changed since 2020, with direct quotes from musicians and venue managers, and gives advice on how artists overseas can adapt to these changes.

7) KMC E-Book

Musicians who are interested in performing in Japan may encounter many challenges trying to set up shows due to differences in language and culture. This book provides vital information about the Japanese music scene and how musicians from overseas can navigate it successfully.
All of the advice, hints, and testimonials in this book are either from veteran musicians and members of the industry living in Japan or from musicians who have performed there. It also includes useful Japanese phrases that are effective to help make new fans.

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Performing in Japan: The World's Largest Music Market

We have played to many audiences around the world, sometimes not always knowing whether the crowd was digging it, but in Japan we always felt the audience's energy coming straight back at us.
After shows they would politely ask for photos and signatures, buy merchandise, and loved to try to communicate. Sometimes the fans could hardly contain themselves . . . This was a privilege for us that they were so excited by our music and our presence, almost overwhelming at times.

- Scott Pioro, Goodbyemotel