Starting in 2009 as a unique type of music festival in a culture where one has never existed, KMC has established itself as an annual event and a destination for international musicians looking to perform in Japan, as well as a model for other internationally minded music festivals in Japan.

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KMC 2020

Since 2009 KMC has attracted artists of various genres from all over the world to come to the unique city of Osaka and share their culture & art and join an ever growing community of talented artists.
KMC 2020 (Sept. 18-20) will continue that tradition and also continue to provide opportunities for artists to expand their reach around the globe.

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KMC 2019 Panel Discussion

KMC Vibes

Introducing both Japanese and non-Japanese artists performing in the Kansai area.


KMC Executive Board

Duane Levi - Production/Planning
Mamico Sugaya - Translation/Artist Relations
Alexander Michaelson - Artist Relations/Planning
Junya Okabe - Interpreting/Translation
Minori Tashiro - Volunteer Coordination
David Whitaker - Tokyo Rep/Live Audio
Ivan Martinez - Photography/Videography