Starting in 2009 as a unique type of music festival in a culture where one has never existed, KMC has established itself as an annual event and a destination for international musicians looking to perform in Japan, as well as a model for other internationally minded music festivals in Japan.

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KMC 2020

KMC attracts artists of various genres from all over the world to gather in the unique city of Osaka to share their culture & art with an ever growing community of talented artists.
By way of live streaming, KMC 2020 (Sept. 18-20) aims to provide a truly borderless experience for musicians to learn about music markets in various countries.

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KMC 2020 will feature mentoring sessions where industry professionals will be doing online interactive sessions about the current state of the Japanese music scene, how to book gigs in Japan and in other countries, as well as ideas for promotion and other topics.

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Friday Live Spotlight

Created in 2013 as a unique weekly live music series, "Friday Live Spotlight," features both Japanese and non-Japanese musicians performing via live stream.

KMC 2019 Panel Discussion

Music Scene in Japan

Interested in performing in Japan? This book provides key information about the Japanese music scene and how musicians from overseas can navigate it successfully.

KMC Vibes

Introducing both Japanese and non-Japanese artists performing in the Kansai area.


KMC Executive Board

Duane Levi - Production/Planning
Mamico Sugaya - Translation/Artist Relations
Alexander Michaelson - Artist Relations/Planning
Junya Okabe - Interpreting/Translation
Minori Tashiro - Volunteer Coordination
David Whitaker - Tokyo Rep/Live Audio
Ivan Martinez - Photography/Videography