Rise Up

Blue Guitar Project

Blue Guitar Project is a nonprofit with a global vision - empowering underprivileged youth to pursue their music dreams through cool dream experiences and music education. Every child, regardless of their background, deserves the right to dream. To coincide with this mission, music artists from around the world will participate in a 'Blue Guitar Pass' social media campaign leading up to a Reimagine Your World music experience for youth.
Through this campaign, artists will share messages of inspiration to the youth, spreading love, hope, and boundless possibilities, as they pass the blue guitar from one artist to another. The Blue Guitar embodies the magic of possibility, echoes the voice of humanity, and symbolizes unity, equality, freedom, and justice, for our youth’s dreams to come true.

Blue Guitar Project in Japan

As a TEAM EXPO 2025 Programme / Co-Creation Challenge, this Blue Guitar Project & KMC collaboration initiative focuses on activities to provide students with the opportunity to use their artistic skills to create and design artwork for music projects and also workshops, recording sessions and performance to provide experience with songwriting, production, singing, and performing.
Also, as part of a global campaign (America, Europe, Asia, Australia), KMC is actively coordinating the “Blue Guitar Pass Social Media Campaign” in Japan. Performing artists pass the blue guitar and share inspirational messages with the youth. This iconic blue guitar will periodically appear in different cities in Japan, being played and photographed on stages and performances spaces. KMC hopes to partner with businesses and organizations to promote this campaign, and help raise awareness about the project nationwide.

Rise Up

This song “Rise Up” was written by young people for young people, to spread an inspirational message among themselves to never give up in pursuit of their ambitions, hopes and dreams. The original song was written in English, and now the second version is in Japanese. It's about an "Angel of Hope" receives the Blue Guitar from Grammy Award-winning artist and independent musician, Lisa Loeb, and carries it to Osaka Castle where she passes it to Maaya, a 9 yr. old up-and-coming musician. Also, it features a high school student singing lead vocal and elementary school kids singing backing vocals.
Enjoy the song and sing along if you like! (Rise Up song lyrics)

Design Competition

For the song “Rise Up” some elementary school kids in Osaka were given the opportunity to submit artwork designs for the CD cover. This is the winning design, which will also be put on a t-shirt and sold world-wide! Details here

All 13 Artwork Submissions

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