Date: Sept. 18

Time: 13:15 (JST)

Place: Online

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"The Thrill Of It All"

You know Ola Ray as Michael Jackson's girlfriend in the "Thriller" music video, but Ola actually started her professional career as a singer and model in Japan, a place she treasures and calls her second home!
2022 marks the 40th Anniversary of "Thriller" and Ola Ray has fans around the world because of it, especially in Japan! She will be doing an online session at KMC to promote her new memoir that features never before shared stories about the making of the video, her relationship with Michael, and her life as a Playboy Playmate and SuperModel.
Ola Ray is coming back to Japan to share "The Thrill Of It All!"

Hello world. I'm Ola Ray, a girl from St. Louis, Missouri, who rose to international fame when she became the co-star of what would become the greatest music video of all time. Thriller! When I'm out in public, the people who manage to reach out to ask what it was like to make a music video with the King of Pop. . . .
. . . Fame comes at a price that can bring with it unwanted pitfalls. The international acclaim and notoriety can be blinding. The prospect of moving to Hollywood and auditioning for movie roles was what I wanted, but never in my wildest dreams would I have known how my destiny would change and soon I would be on every magazine cover. The sudden turn turned into nothing short of a whirlwind adventure, after I started my career in Tokyo, Japan and was the centerfold poster image for Playboy.
I hope that this book will be a guide for young people who come to Hollywood with high aspirations and with open eyes. My eyes have seen a lot and my feet have traveled a lot. Yes, it has been a thriller! And this is my story, The Thrill of It All.

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