Business Culture Basics Seminar:
Tips for musicians interested in Japan

Language and cultural differences notwithstanding, beyond the images of overworking office workers and technologically advanced gadgets, do you know much about the Japanese business world?
In order to effectively market your music in Japan, it's essential to understand the complex business culture of Japan and how to navigate it successfully to avoid making mistakes that can hinder your progress.
For this webinar you can learn about the Japanese music industry and what you can do to better prepare yourself for future opportunities for musicians based overseas.
Time: Pay-per-view
Fee: 1,100 yen (tax incl.)
Payment: via Paypal

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Presenter: Duane Levi (US/Japan)

Founder of Shalestone Music, a Japan-based music agency representing both Japanese and non-Japanese musicians, Duane has a long history of over 25 years in the music business, with 15 of those years in Japan. He also conducts cross-cultural training seminars and presentations for management and salaried employees at multi-national Japanese companies and government employees, with a focus on cultural differences and appropriate business etiquette needed for successful business with western companies.