Sept. 20
KMC Opening Party

Joining the Opening Party is the best way to hit the ground running at KMC. With initial networking opportunities, plenty of local music fans all gathered in one place and a great party atmosphere, this is one event that you don't want to miss!!

Sept. 21
Live Music & Art

To show the uniqueness of Osaka to the international community, KMC 2019 will focus on promoting the culture and personality of Osaka through music and visual art. Musicians and visual artists from various countries will come together in the Kitahorie area of Osaka and put their respective cultures and talents on display with live music and exhibitions for an unforgettable experience.

Sept. 22

With a networking event for artists and musicians in the morning, and seminars & presentations in the afternoon, the conference is an important way for participating artists to make contacts, get advice and learn key information about music and art scenes in Japan.
There will be opportunities to meet industry reps, special guest artists, venue managers, media reps and other conference participants.

Sept. 20 - Opening Party

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Osaka

Start @ 20:00 / Free entry
(please order 1 drink & 1 food item)

Since 2010, the KMC Opening Party has been an exciting event for participating musicians, industry reps, KMC Staff and music fans of all types to meet and have a good time. Make sure you stop by for a truly international evening of live rock music, socializing and a hearty Hard Rock Cafe meal.


Strange Orange


Sept. 21 - Live Music & Art

Venue: Club Vijon

Start @ 17:00 / Door charge: 600yen

A total of 7 acts, with both Japanese and non-Japanese musicians performing a wide variety of music from ambient and pop to funk, disco and progressive rock. It's a great chance to see professional musicians from different countries playing on the same stage!

Red Bed Rock





Venue: Horie Goldee

Start @ 18:00 / Door charge: 600yen

Acoustic, electronic, pop, reggaeton and Latin music will be featured at Goldee. In a unique atmosphere, experience an international night to remember with great music and some great dance music!

Takayuki Kato


HMS Morris

Miho Teruya


Venue: Kitahorie Bindu

Start @ 18:30 / Door charge: 1500yen (incl. dinner & 1 drink)

To go along with a curry dish, nan and a refreshing drink, 4 musical acts will provide entertainment for the evening. Ranging from oldies to acoustic to acapella, it will be a time to sit back and relax in an atmosphere of international friendship!

Takahisa Matsusaka




Venue: Bistro New Orleans

Start @ 19:00 / Free entry

Starting off with Charlie Nieshio doing some swing, blues and Elvis Presley tunes, then followed by the internet sensational duo from the UK, He Knows She Knows and finishing with Nagoya based singer/songwriter Hideto Matsuura. Enjoy an evening of high quality entertainment and a top quality dinner from the American South at Bistro New Orleans!

Hideto Matsuura

Art Exhibits

Venue: Sauce Boss

Venue: Bistro New Orleans

Joe Bones

Venue: Kitahorie Bindu


Map of Kitahorie

Sept. 22 - Conference

Venue: Covent Garden

Networking Event
10:30 - 12:00 / Rm. B

Registered attendees are invited to meet with members of the Japanese music industry, presenters, venue managers, agents, and other musicians to exchange business cards and make connections.
Invited to attend: Duane Levi (Shalestone Music), Alexander Michaelson (Empire Entertainment), Piotr Maslanka (Music Export Poland), Jamie Miller (MNPR Magazine), Tetsuya Oishi (Ajisai Records), Eric Wiegmann (Tycoon Percussion), Aaron Walker (audio/video/event producer), Tomohiro Yasukawa (Hard Rock Cafe Universal Citywalk Osaka), Koki Matsufuji (Club Vijon), Keiko Nagano (CFlat Language Cafe & rental space), Louis Boston (Blackan Radio), David Whitaker (Soul Food House) and CC Haydel (Bistro New Orleans) among others.


In the afternoon seminars and workshops open to the general public and covering various topics will be held for anyone who is interested in attending.

Breathing Art:
Tips for Artist in Japan
11:30 - 12:30 / Rm. A

Artist Joe Bones currently lives in Nagano Prefecture where he works, does visual art and has gotten a good amount of exposure to the local music there. For this seminar he will discuss his experiences interacting with the Japanese culture as well as provide tips for artists interested promoting and selling their visual art and music in Japan.

Modern & Traditional Music from the Land of Chopin
12:30 - 13:30 / Rm. B

Piotr Maslanka
(Karrot Kommando / Music Export Poland)

Fryderyk Chopin died over 200 years ago, so what is Poland like today? How has his legacy and his master's legacy inspired modern generations? This presentation will explore modern Polish music and it live music scene, and explain possible opportunities for musicians from other countries to do live performances in Poland.

Expanding Your Reach:
From Japan to the World
13:00 - 13:45 / Rm. A

In May, Bloodlessthewar from Tokyo did a tour in Russia that saw them perform in front of unthinkable audiences, do an MTV interview and make new fans. They will talk about their experience as well as their newfound interest in touring overseas.

Live Music In Latin America
14:15 - 15:15 / Rm. B

The live music scene in Latin America has grown significantly in recent years, with an increase in new festivals, showcases and concert venues for bands that are developing their careers but also need promotion assistance.
For this presentation, Sebastian Hernandez (guitarist & music teacher) and Andy Baeza (drummer & music teacher) will focus on introducing the markets of Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile, the countries that would be the best options for foreign bands.

Snare Drum Building Workshop
(@ Blarney Stone Umeda)
13:00 - 16:30

As a rep of the drum company, Drummers Base, Eric Wiegmann will lead a step-by-step seminar on how to assemble and build your own snare drum. He will also talk about snare drum tuning.

Panel Discussion:
Developing Your Brand
15:45 - 17:00 / Rm. A

Want to expand your fanbase and music career? How important is your image, and why does it matter? For this discussion moderated by Alex Michaelson (Empire Entertainment), panelists Masanori Sanjo (Director of Hirao Masaaki Music School Osaka), Sharna Laidlow (He Knows She Knows) and Duane Levi (President of Shalestone Music) will be providing advice and personal experience on how to market your image and your music for better results

(all content is subject to change without notice)