Sept. 20
Opening Party

Joining the Opening Party is the best way to hit the ground running at KMC. With initial networking opportunities, plenty of local music fans all gathered in one place and a great party atmosphere, this is one event that you don't want to miss!!

Sept. 21
Music & Art

To show the uniqueness of Osaka to the international community, KMC 2019 will focus on promoting the culture and personality of Osaka through music and visual art. Musicians and visual artists from various countries will come together in the Kitahorie area of Osaka and put their respective cultures and talents on display with live music, live painting and exhibitions for an unforgettable experience.

Sept. 22

With a networking event for artists and musicians in the morning, and seminars & presentations in the afternoon, the conference is an important way for participating artists to make contacts, get advice and learn key information about music and art scenes in Japan.
There will be opportunities to meet industry reps, special guest artists, venue managers, media reps and other conference participants.


From Jan. 15 - Mar. 15, KMC will be accepting applications from musicians, visual artists and presenters interested in sharing their talent and experience at KMC 2019. Selected artists will have opportunities to perform, network and attend seminars that can help to make new connections and boost careers.

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