Registration Badge Types and Fees

KMC sponsored events and performances are open to the public with most being free of charge. So KMC Badge registration for participating musicians is our way of helping musicians to get the most out of their time at KMC and make as many connections as they can.
For KMC 2018, participating musicians will be required to register by selecting one of the following badges.
NOTE: Registration is per musician, not per band and all band members must register. However, members can register with different types of badges if they like.
(Example: For a band of 4, one member gets a Gold badge, and another gets a Silver badge while the other two members get Basic badges)
Badge typeKMC/D'Addario
Goodie Bag
KMC T-ShirtNetworking EventVideo Interview
Basic (¥2,000)XXX
Regular (¥3,000)XX
Silver (¥6,000)X
Gold (¥10,000)
*All content is subject to change without prior notice

KMC/D'Addario Goodie Bag

Contains the conference program as well as candy, promotional items like CD's, stickers, pens, guitar tuners, strings or maybe a pair of Pro Mark drumsticks.

KMC T-Shirt

Courtesy of MB Prints, KMC will have shirts available for registered artists. (sizes are S/M/L/XL)

Networking Event

As a type of "Meet & Greet," there will be a networking session with musicians meeting invited representatives of different music related companies and others who are looking for connections and talented musicians to expand their market outreach. There will be a brief introduction period followed by an open networking period for about 45 min. to talk and exchange business cards. (read about business card etiquette)

Video Interview

Artists get to do an interview and have their live performance recorded, both of which will be given to them at the end of the conference. Interviews can be done in either English, Spanish or Japanese.
NOTE: If only one member of a band selects this option, then their band will be in the video, but they will be the only one interviewed.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further details.