KMC's Focus

Since the first conference in 2009, KMC has maintained the theme of "Building Bridges With Music" as an all genre music event with musicians coming from all over the world to perform and network in Osaka, Japan.
Much of Japanese culture is still unfamiliar to the western world and vice versa, so part of the purpose of KMC is to act as a bridge whereby people from various cultures can learn about, experience and appreciate the value and artistic talent of other cultures.

Presenting at KMC

The KMC Executive Committee and related organizations are very much interested in supporting independent artists and we invite any guest speakers from other countries to join us in this effort. If you are interested in learning about the Japanese music & art scenes and would like to share your experience from your own culture, we welcome you to apply to present at KMC 2020.

KMC 2019

Dates: Sept. 18 - 20
(presentations will be on the 20th)
Venues: Clubs, restaurants, cafes
Production: KMC Executive Board

Applications for presenters

1) Applications will be accepted from Jan. 15th - Apr. 15th on this site only.
2) No fee is necessary to apply.
3) Before applying, please note that if selected to present at KMC, you will not be paid for your presentation nor will you receive any money for any expenses related to your participation in the conference.
4) Presentation/workshop topics that will be considered can range from traditional music, art and dance to modern performance techniques or advice about the music/art industry. Almost any music/art related topic that is of interest to a wide range of people will be considered.
5) Applicants must submit a video link of a prior presentation done on the same or similar topic in order for their application to be considered.
6) Press the "Send" button at the bottom of the application form. Please review the information on the confirmation page carefully before pressing the "Send" button again. A confirmation mail will then be sent to the e-mail address included on the application form.
7) All applicants will receive a reply by April 30 regarding their potential to do a presentation/workshop.
8) All selected applicants will have until June 1st to confirm that they will be attending, after which any unconfirmed applicants will no longer be eligible for this year's conference.
9) Due to risk of cancellation, confirmed presenters not residing in Japan will be required to show proof of air travel by July 1st in order to keep their presentation spot. Please contact us if you have specific questions.
Please contact us if you have specific questions.

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