Personal Information Protection Policy

The KMC Executive Board (hereinafter referred to as "KMC") recognizes that, as it receives personal information from the users of its site, protecting that information is an important part of its function, and based on such recognition, is committed to complying with all associated laws and regulations concerning the protection of such information as set by the State and other relevant institutions.

1. Organizational activities to protect personal information

“Personal information” is defined here, as information about an individual that is able to identify that specific individual by name, location, or other relevant description (including information that can be used to verify other information, and thereby allow the identification of that specific individual).
KMC will apply the following guidelines to ensure that personal information is protected in a concrete manner:
1. All board members comply with all laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information guidance set out by the State and other relevant rules and norms.
2. KMC assigns a board member the responsibility of creating a personal information management system and grants him/her the authority to operate and maintain said system.
3. KMC periodically reviews its personal information management system for updates and improvements.

2. Protecting personal information

1. Respect for individual rights
KMC respects individual rights related to personal information, and if requested to disclose, correct, delete or suspend the use of such information, or submit complaints or requests for consultation concerning such information, KMC will respond to such requests within a reasonable period that it deems appropriate.
2. Collection and use of personal information
KMC does not use website ads, so user's information is collected strictly for the purpose of maintaining communication with site users and participating artists, and is not given or sold to third parties. KMC will expressly notify users and obtain their consent if personal information is to be used for any reason beyond the purposes stated above.
3. Use of statistical data
KMC may, based on the personal information collected from its site users, create statistical data processed into a form by which no specific individual can be identified. KMC may freely and without any restriction, use such statistical data by which no specific individual can be identified.

KMC may revise this "Personal Information Protection Policy" in whole or in part at any time. All relevant changes will be announced on the KMC website.