KMC 2021

KMC 2021 Online
Sept. 17 - 19

Building Bridges With Music, Virtually
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Whether the performance is an in person live show or done via live stream, without question KMC events help to bridge the gap between cultures.

KMC sponsored performances and events are not only a chance for musicians to network and perform in front of a global audience, but they're also an opportunity for music fans of all types to discover new music and get an up-close view of the unique music culture in Japan.

KMC NIGHT: Live streaming from music venues in Japan!

From the stages of 2 live music clubs directly to your screen, we present KMC NIGHT! This is one of the best chances to see a real live evening of Japanese bands perform, without being there in person. On the 18th at Growly in Kyoto and the 19th at Heaven’s Door in Tokyo, KMC will highlight several Japanese artists looking to spread their music globally.

Sept. 17: Virtual Meet & Greet!

7:00PM (JST): There will be an online Meet & Greet session for participating artists, industry reps and KMC Staff for introductions and networking.
8:00PM (JST) About 3 – 5 acts will kick off the conference with live streamed performances to a global audience.

Sept. 18: A Global Music Festival!

From morning till night, this site will host performances by artists from 5 continents. Each artist will stream their performance from their own Youtube channel, and the link will be added to their own KMC page!
Think of it like the KMC site as a TV with each performer having their own channel (site page). Viewers can check the schedule and then choose what they want to see just by selecting the artist’s name.

Sept. 19: Valuable information about Japan and Japanese music culture!

From 12PM – 5PM (JST) several webinars, presentations and a panel discussion will be either broadcast through the KMC site or held on Zoom, free of charge for participants. These will be aimed at artists interested in performing in Japan and will cover topics ranging from advice on effective marketing and how to book good gigs to an explanation of the current situation of the live scene.
From 5:30PM about 10 – 15 act will stream their performances for the final part of the conference.

Be Lifted
Gospel Workshop

Time: 2:30-4:30
Place: Zoom
Fee: No charge
Instructor: CarolDiane
Details here

Feature Presentation:
"Building Bridges with Japan"

Time: 4PM (JST)
Platform: Zoom
Fee: no charge
Presenter: Tomáš Mach

As one of the many success stories of KMC, Tomáš Mach was first introduced to Japan as a performer at KMC 2011, and over the years he has come to love the Japanese culture and people through music.
For this presentation he will share how he developed this meaningful relationship with Japan and how other artists can do the same.

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