Girls' Band Night!

In an effort to promote and highlight the importance of gender equality, KMC 2023 will start with a night of Girl Bands in the traditional city of Kyoto. Also, there will be a seminar on what can be done to help close the gender gap in the entertainment industry.


Seminars & Presentations

KMC sponsored presentations and seminars provide participants with invaluable tips and advice about the Japanese music. With a chance to meet with agents, producers, journalists and venue managers, in addition to musicians from various countries, this is a key part of the conference.

Herve Nguebo & NONMALT

Collaborate With Other Artists!

With a renewed vision of building bridges across cultures, there will be an emphasis on artistic collaborations of various types. Bringing Japanese and non-Japanese artists together to record, make a video and/or perform live, will be a highlight of KMC 2023!

Oct. 6: Opening Event & Live Music

For the first time, KMC will kick off in the traditional city of Kyoto. The live club, Growly, near the historic Nijo Castle, will host live musical performances by all female and under-represented gender bands. Also, participating artists can get their registration badges, goodie bags and network with other KMC Artists.

Oct. 7: Seminars, Webinars, Performances

There will be plenty of invaluable information from informative seminars about the Japanese music scene, music marketing, and how independent artists can enhance their careers. Also, at the in-person networking session, artists can meet key people supporting independent artists in Japan.
In the evening, KMC Artists will be performing at several venues in downtown Osaka.

Oct. 8: Meetings & Music Festival

Participants can schedule either online or in-person meetings with video and radio producers, journalists and writers, venue owners and managers and festival organizers, both in Japan and overseas.
To close out the conference, live performances will also be held at open air stages and venues in Kobe throughout the day.

Performing Artists

These are some of the musicians that will be performing at KMC 2023.






The Itchyworms


Ris Flower
(N. Macedonia)