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KMC 2021 Online

Dates: Sept. 17 - 19
Online: Youtube, Facebook Live, Zoom, etc.
Production: KMC Executive Board

KMC's Focus

Since the first conference in 2009, KMC has maintained the theme of "Building Bridges With Music," and fostered relationships among musicians of various genres through networking and dialogue.
This is a highlight that participating musicians look forward to; not only as they perform in front of new audiences but also as they seek to expand their own network and fanbase.

Joining KMC

Joining KMC is more than just a performance! Over the years, musicians that have actively participated in KMC sponsored events and kept in touch through social networks have been offered performances at corporate events, band contests, festivals and other opportunities. Musicians from overseas have used the experience to enhance their careers, boost their reputations and expand their own respective fanbases.

KMC 2020 Highlights

Are You Ready?

Applications are closed

1) Applications will be accepted from Jan. 15th - Mar. 15th on this site and on the KMC gigmit page.
2) No fee is necessary to apply. However, selected artists will be required to pay a registration fee. (details here)
3) Before applying, please note that musicians selected to perform will not be paid for their performance nor receive payment for any expenses related to their participation in the conference.
4) Genres accepted are: Alternative, Blues, Electronic, Folk, Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Pop, Rock, Urban/R&B, World, Gospel, Acoustic, Americana, Avant-garde, Punk, Funk, Singer/Songwriter, Soul, A Capella
5) From Jan. 15th applicants can apply using this site and they must complete the application in full.
6) Be sure to include links to videos or tracks on sites like Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Youtube or CD Baby, or you can send two mp3 tracks to the e-mail address listed on the application form, with the song titles clearly labeled for each song.
7) Select the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the application form. Please review the information on the confirmation page carefully before selecting the "Submit" button. A confirmation mail will then be sent to the e-mail address included on the application form.
8) Once we have confirmed the receipt of your application and songs, we will process your application and contact you with follow-up questions.
9) Selection results will be announced by April 15th and applicants who have been selected will be notified by email.
10) All selected artists will have until May 1st to confirm that they will be attending, after which all unconfirmed spots will be offered to other applicants.
11) After confirming attendance, artists will be asked to provide further information for the conference registration process.
Please contact us if you have specific questions.