Conference Preview
Sept. 15 - 17


Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Osaka
Door charge: Free / Start @ 21:00

With a reputation of featuring some of the top artists of the conference, the KMC opening party has developed into a must attend event and a great way for KMC attendees to start things off.
KMC attendees and area music fans are invited to come and enjoy a great atmosphere of music, socializing and food. Also participants can register and receive their conference badges, and music fans can have a chance to meet musicians from different countries for cultural exchange. So don't miss a great evening at Hard Rock Cafe Osaka!

Yasuho Matsuda


Russell Curtis




LIVE MUSIC - SEPT. 16 (Sat.)

Kobe: IZNT
Door charge: Free / Start @ 21:00

For some dancin' and rockin' head to IZNT, a bar in Kobe often frequented by native English speaking locals and Japanese. These 3 acts will provide a mix of electronic dance music, R&B and rock for your enjoyment.

Brad Quinn


Ilu Grace



(New Zealand)

Kobe: Art House
Door charge: 1,700 yen + 300 yen (1 drink) / Start @ 17:30

Since 2013, KMC has joined with Arthouse to help Japanese and non-Japanese musicians communicate through music by combining about 7 local and foreign bands to play together for an evening of unique sounds and friendly vibes. (4 min. walk north from IZNT)

Russell Curtis


Meet Me Saturday




Edgars Rakovskis


Osaka: Club Vijon
Door charge: 600 yen (1 drink) / Start @ 15:00

In Osaka there will be a total of 8 acts performing at Club Vijon, near Shinsaibashi, all for the cost of just 1 drink!! Enjoy a wide variety of music from solo singer/songwriter to electronic to punk rock. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see musicians from 4 continents playing on the same stage, as it may never happen again!!

Jake Iwatani


Rob Moir






The Tubuloids




The Stone That Burns


Osaka: Bistro New Orleans
Door charge: Free / Start @ 20:30

Not far from Club Vijon is Bistro New Orleans, a restaurant that serves great food from the American South. At this venue will be 2 acts performing lots of down-home delta blues to go along with authentic New Orleans food and drinks.






Venue: Business Innovation Center Osaka, 5th floor

Networking Event, 10:30 - 11:30 AM / Rm. E, 5th fl.

Registered attendees are invited to meet with members of the Japanese music industry and presenters to exchange business cards and make connections. (light refreshments will be available)
Industry reps invited to attend: Shin Barakan (playlist curator), Steve Ulicny (D'Addario), Duane Levi (Shalestone Music), David Isick (Dead Foxx), AFO Radio (Malaysia), Alexander Michaelson (Empire Entertainment), Aaron Walker (A/V & event producer), Tetsuya Oishi (Flamingo RECORDS) and Eric Wiegmann (Tycoon Percussion) among others.

Presentations (Rm. A, 5th fl. / 1:30 - 4:30 PM) | Free entry

In the afternoon there will be presentations open to the general public, covering various topics will be held for anyone who is interested in attending.

David Isick

(Dead Foxx)
*Rm. A, 5th fl. / 1:30 - (Language: Eng. & Jp.)
"The American Dream"
David Isick's company, Dead Foxx, books international tours for Japanese bands and as well as bands from the US (Toe, Tricot, The Fall Of Troy, Tera Melos, Chon, Nuito, Age Factory).
He'll mainly be presenting information about how to set up tours in the US.

*Rm. A, 5th fl. / 2:30 - (Language: Eng.)
New Products Showcase
Representatives from D'Addario, Tycoon Percussion and others will talk about new products.

Shin Barakan

(Playlist Curator)
*Rm. A, 5th fl. / 3:30 - (Language: Eng.)
Shin will talk about how he personally got into music, from his intro to Japanese music to his role in producing radio shows in Japan. Continuing through an outline of the Japanese music scene/industry in a nutshell, he will close with how he's trying to change the music scene through his current work in curation.

Shin Barakan - Born and raised in Tokyo. He fell in love with 90's Hip Hop at an early age, and further developed an affinity for the wide variety of samples often used in backing tracks, leading to further discovery in music across multiple genres. After graduating from Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR) in 2010, he did a solo backpacking trip around Europe in the Summer of 2012, and then returned to Japan in the fall to do radio production at InterFM (terrestrial radio station in Tokyo, Japan), where he regularly selected music for the non-stop mix show "Morning Grooves" (Mon~Fri). He also branched out to FM Yokohama (terrestrial radio station in Yokohama) to take on another production gig.
Currently he works in playlist curation for a streaming service.

KMC Interactive (Rm. B, 5th fl. / 1:30 - 4:30 PM) | Free entry

This year at KMC there will also be an opportunity to join interactive seminars via live streaming with professionals. Attendees will be able to watch the presentation live and ask questions.

Apryl Peredo

*Rm. B, 5th fl. / 1:30 - (Language: Eng.)
Focusing on musicians in Japan for the first time, Apryl Peredo will explain about the role that "image" plays in the Japanese music scene, specifically in regards to music marketing and overall appeal.

Kyoko Ogawa

(Professional vocalist)
*Rm. B, 5th fl. / 2:30 - (Language: Jp.)
Originally from Hyogo Prefecture, she is a professional singer who lived and worked in New York for several years and now resides in Germany. She'll explain about her career and give advice for Japanese musicians looking to play overseas. (this will be in Japanese)

Cristobal Platz & Munirih Roe

(Professional musicians from Chile)
*Rm. B, 5th fl. / 3:30 - (Language: Eng. & Jp.)
"The Chilean Music Market and Opportunities for Musicians in Japan"
The Japanese Embassy in Chile and the Chilean government are interested in developing a better relationship between the two countries through a cultural exchange. This presentation will offer information about financial assistance for musicians interested in performing in Chile.

(all content is subject to change without notice)