"Online Collaboration with Japanese Artists"

Date: Sept. 19 @ 6PM

What is the best way to communicate and collaborate with Japanese artists? After establishing an online relationship, what is the best way to move forward to the next step?
So far for KMC 2021, several overseas artists have established communication with Japanese artists, but how to proceed from there smoothly, without communication lapses or misunderstandings on what you'd like to do and how you envision it coming together? This may be a big challenge to overcome.

Veteran producer, Aaron Walker will provide some insight with his numerous years of experience in the industry.

Presenter: Aaron Walker

Producer, Music, Video & Events
Producer Aaron Walker has been working in Japan for the past 20 years. As a music producer, composer, video and event producer, Aaron Walker's experience includes years of working with major broadcasters, artists and labels in the Japanese music industry.
He also produces television media domestically in Japan, outbound to the world, for international news/media, music videos, and corporate videos.
Aaron Walker's international production experience has taken him to more than 30 countries worldwide.
With Osaka, Japan as his base, Aaron is working as a bridge to connect Japan and the world through media production and entertainment.

Aaron Walker can be reached at aaron@anonentertainment.com