Feature Presentation:
"Building Bridges with Japan"

Date: Sept. 19 @ 4PM (JST)
Platform: Zoom
Presenter: Tomáš Mach

For this year's feature presentation, Tomáš Mach shares how, after first coming to Japan with almost no expectations, he developed his experiences into a meaningful relationship with the culture and people through music. He use his examples to show how other artists can do the same.

Tomáš Mach

As one of the many success stories of KMC, Tomáš Mach was first introduced to Japan as a performer at KMC 2011, and over the years he has come to love the Japanese culture and people through music.

When I first came to Japan in 2011 for KMC, I had no idea where this trip would take me. I had no emotions, no knowledge, no feelings of Japan and it’s culture.
During my Japanese tour in 2013 I already had 7 accompanying Japanese pianists in total. Later, together with pianist and singer Hiroko Matsumoto we started a professional musical cooperation.
From 2016 till 2019 we recorded 4 CDs and performed almost 100 concerts in Europe and Japan. Further projects are still being planned.
Now I love Japan, I study the language and I practically can’t live without it.